DOF PRO is compatible with a large number of applications capable of running Adobe Photoshop® compliant plugins. Below is a compatibility list which is not definitive and should therefore not be considered an official resource. PLEASE NOTE THAT DOF PRO V4.0 IS NOT YET COMPATIBLE WITH ADOBE PHOTOSHOP® 64BIT.
DOF PRO should work with:
Adobe Photoshop CS5 32bit under 64bit OS.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 32bit under 32bit OS.
Adobe Photoshop CS4 32bit under 64bit OS.
Adobe Photoshop CS4 32bit under 32bit OS.
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Photoshop CS
Adobe Photoshop (Version 3 or higher)
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe PhotoDeluxe
Adobe Illustrator (Version 7 and higher)
Adobe ImageReady (Version 2 and higher)
ArcSoft PhotoStudio (Version 5.5 and higher, but the preview doesn't work correctly)
CDH Image Explorer Pro (Version 4 or higher)
CiEBV Photoline 32 (Version 5 or higher)
Corel Bryce (Version 4 and higher)
Corel Draw (Version 6 or higher)
Corel Paint Shop Studio / Pro (Version 9 and higher)
Corel PhotoPaint (Version 6 and higher)
Corel/Metacreations Painter (Version 6 and higher)
Deneba Canvas (Version 6 or higher)
Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro (Version 5 and higher)
FixFoto 2.79
Gimp 2.2.8
Image Factory 2.78 (Colour-Science)
imageN (Freeware from
IrfanView (Version 3.85 and higher, Freeware from
Jasc Paintshop Pro (Version 4.12 or higher)
KnowledgeAdventure HyperStudio (Version 4.2 and higher, but no color selection dialogs)
Macromedia Freehand (Version 7 or higher)
Macromedia Fireworks (Version 2 or higher)
Mediachance PhotoBrush
Megalux Ultimate Paint (Version 2 or higher)
Megalux Ultimate FX (Freeware from
Microfrontier Digital Darkroom (Version 1.2 or higher)
Micrografx Picture Publisher (Version 8 or higher)
Microsoft Image Composer (Version 1.5 and higher, but dragging the preview isn't possible)
Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000
Microsoft Picture It! Digital Image Pro (Version 7 and higher, but a 100% zoom may not work correctly)
Newave Chaos Fx: Twilight'76 (Version 1.2 or higher)
PhotoFiltre Studio
Picmaster (Version 1.25 and higher)
Plugin Commander Pro (Version 1.5 and higher)
QFX (Version 7 or higher)
Right Hemisphere Deep Paint
Satori PhotoXL (Version 2.29 or higher)
Serif PhotoPlus (Version 7 and higher)
SigmaPi Pixopedia 24 (Version 1.0.5 and higher)
SigmaPi NiGulp (Version 1.5 and higher) (Freeware from
Stoik ImageMan Pro (Version 5 and higher)
ThinkTank Ameri-Imager (Version 2 and higher)
Ulead Gif Animator (Version 4 or higher)
Ulead PhotoImpact (Version 4 or higher)
WebSuperGoo Achroma
Xara X
XnView (Version 1.70 and higher) (Freeware from

DOF PRO has not been tested, but should work with:
Ability PhotoPaint Studio
Adobe PageMaker (Version 6 or higher)
Adobe LiveMotion
BananaSoft TwistedPixel
CADlink SignLab (Version 5 and higher)
Corel/MetaCreations Painter 5.5
Corel/MetaCreations Art Dabbler
Corel Photo House (Version 2 or higher)
Corel Xara 2 / Xara X
DigisoftDirect ImagePro 2K1
Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro (Version 4.5 or higher)
Fractal Design Detailer
Macromedia Director (Version 6 or higher)
MGI PhotoSuite (Version 4 or higher)
Newtek Lightwave (Version 5.6 or higher)
Newtek Inspire 3D
NewTek Aura (Version 2 or higher, but probably not animatable)
PM Imagic
Ulead PhotoExpress (Version 2 or higher)

DOF PRO does not work with:
Adobe Photoshop CS4 64bit.
Adobe After Effects (5.0 and higher)
Adobe ImageStyler (Doesn't support filter plugins)
Adobe Premiere (Up to Version 5.1: Renders only black to image)
ArcSoft PhotoStudio 2000 (Up to Version 4.1: Does not support PhotoShop plugins)
Datatech ImageMan (crashes when dragging preview)
Discreet 3D Studio MAX (Up to Version 4.2: Background image isn't displayed)
Discreet Combustion (plugin loads but displays incorrect color)
Macromedia xRes (Crashes on loading plugin)
Metacreations Painter 5 (Everything works except final rendering)
Microsoft Image Composer 1.0: (Does not recognize the plugin)
SPG ColorWorks: Web (Up to Version 4: Everything works except final rendering)

If you have successfully or unsuccessfully tested any of my plugins on software not listed here, please let us know.